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We offer accurate leak detection on central heating systems. Central heating leaks usually show up around after summer, after long term of non-use.  We switch our central heating system on in the Autumn only to find it’s not working, boiler faults, loss of pressure and leaking pipes. This is when we realise just how much we need and use our central heating.

In many cases a heating engineer will confirm that it’s not the boiler at fault and will suggest you have a leak on the heating pipe system.

Further investigation now becomes more difficult, with pipes hidden under floors and behind walls. It’s at this point you should consider a central heating leak detection specialist.

We aim to find your water leak at no. Our engineers are qualified plumbers with many years experience and can usually carry out the repair fairly quickly and easily.

Our promise is… If we can fix the leak with the standard commonly used parts stocked in our vans, within the timeframe we have quoted for, then in these circumstances we will do our very best to do so. If we run out of time or the part required isn’t readily available or non-standard then in these circumstances we will give you a separate estimate to return and carry out the repair.

Rest assured, in most circumstances we are able to do the repair at the same time, helping you get back to normal with the minimum of fuss.

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